Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why even have a common NCP model??

Genesis of need for model

Recently the history of the development of the Hammond Models was compiled.  Marian identified that in the 1970"s the driving force for her work on creating a pictorial model was to make it easier to educate dietetics students.   The profession in the United States was transitioning from focusing on nutrition through provision of food to hospitalized patients (therapeutic dietitians) to an expanded role in nutrition counseling and outpatient services.  

Later in 1998 when the Academy began it's journey to develop a common model, the activity was driven by the need to be able to clearly show the relationship between the actions of dietitians (nutrition care) and their patient outcomes.  In order to research and document the link between dietitians activities and patient clinical outcomes a common model and terminology was needed.     

Benefits of having common model

As dietetics is increasingly becoming a global profession with both dietitians and patients transitioning country borders, it makes it increasingly more important for dietitians to practice in a similar way and achieve similar patient outcomes.  The following are considered the benefits of having a global dietetics practice model:
  • Sets the stage for the development of global educational standards
  • Sets the stage for development of global credentialing requirements
  • Common educational and credentialing requirements lead to trans-global practice
  • Sets the stage for common dietetics outcome research projects 

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